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Decibelics Big Klone

Decibelics Big Klone

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In great condition, works perfectly.

Comes with original box.

The Big Klone was a sort of a single-side Golden Royale, an accurate sonic klone with added Bass and Clipping switches. It was produced in extremely limited quantities. Each pedal used a plain gold or silver case similar to the original but with no original lettering except for the controls and rear jacks text. To never be confused with any original, a large Decibelics logo was prominently displayed on both the big blue PCB and on the back of the pedal. A handful of Big Klone with similar lettering to the original exists, in most cases because the client provided their own enclosure.

Due to difficulties in obtaining some of its specific parts, production of the Big Klone was halted by the end of 2020.

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