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Free The Tone

Free The Tone Gigs Boson

Free The Tone Gigs Boson

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This is the result of guitarists’ quest for higher expression power not obtainable just from clean tone. The FREE THE TONE GB-1V “GIGS BOSON” has overwhelming expression power that can reproduce the pick angle when the string is plucked and sound changes produced by the touch of the left hand. All of these things are necessary to transform the overtones produced by the strings into sounds and music. The “GIGS BOSON” will provide guitarists with a higher expression ability and new stimuli.
On July 4, 2012, a new particle was discovered. It was the “God particle”, an important part of the Big Bang or the creation of the universe, and the factor that gave mass to subatomic particles that were without mass at the creation of the universe. It was named the Higgs Boson after Peter Ware Higgs who advocated its existence. This discovery has completed all of the hypothetical particles and is estimated to be the first step toward the investigation into Dark Matter. Hoping that the encounter with this effects unit will become a new step toward the evolution of the GIG (performance) world, we named our new overdrive pedal the “GIGS BOSON”.
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