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Morningstar Engineering

Morningstar Engineering MC8 Midi Controller

Morningstar Engineering MC8 Midi Controller

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In great condition, works perfectly. 

Comes with original box. 


As are all Morningstar MIDI controllers, the MC8 is compatible with and able to control any device that accepts MIDI. With the new Omniports, you are now free to also connect directly to 1/4 inch MIDI devices for even more control possibilities.


  • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: 30 dual-paged banks with 8 switches, quickly access 16 presets per bank simply by toggling
  • USB CLASS COMPLIANT: Drivers not required. With MIDI over USB, control your DAWs and software like Ableton Live and Logic Pro
  • 4 OMNIPORTS: 1/4 inch MIDI Out, aux Switch Input or Expression Pedal Input, the choice is yours
  • EASY EDITING: Easily program the MC8 on the device itself, or with the Morningstar MIDI Editor. Programming the MC8 has never been easier.
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY: Interactive real-time visual feedback on important information such as current bank, active preset and expression pedal position​
  • COMPACT: Allows for easy integration into pedalboards and rigs; 224mm x 125mm x 50mm​


  • Send different messages depending on what action you perform.
  • Press, Release, Double Tap, Long Press and more.


  • Each switch can send up to 16 different MIDI messages through
  • 16 different MIDI channels.
  • Choose from a wide range of useful MIDI message types including PC, CC, Note on/off, SysEx, MIDI Clock (preset or tap), Preset Scroll, Bank Up/Down, Toggle Page and more.


  • 4 OMNIPORTS: Independently set each port to be MIDI out (and thru), Aux switch in or expression pedal in
  • ​9VDC IN: Power the MC8 with a 9-12VDC power supply, requires at least 250mA
  • USB: Send MIDI messages over USB to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. Power the MC8 via USB
  • ​5-PIN MIDI IN: Receive MIDI messages to control the MC8. Receive messages from other devices and relay them through the 1/4 inch and 5-pin MIDI outputs.
  • ​5-PIN MIDI OUT: Send MIDI messages from the MC8, and relay messages received through the MIDI IN port. Phantom power via pins 6 & 7.


  • While you can program your switches on the MC8 itself, it also comes with a free and intuitive desktop editor to make programming even faster.
  • ​It allows you to view all your preset settings on one screen, quickly make changes and easily name your switches.
  • ​The Morningstar MIDI Editor also allows you to back up your presets and banks to your computer so you always have them handy.
  • Accessible by Chrome browser and downloadable as an application.
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