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Muslady Golden Horse

Muslady Golden Horse

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In great condition, works perfectly.

Calling a pedal the Golden Horse is like naming a car “Car”, you know exactly what it is. 


The Golden Horse is based on the Klon Centaur which is a mythical creature in both fiction and real life. The prices are famously so high that even those who can afford one would struggle to justify doing so. What we have to decide is whether the Muslady can come close to a Klon or the fantastic “Klones”! 

Compared to a Klon the Golden Horse is smaller and the colour is on point, at a glance you know!

Clever Horse

“Klones” don’t just overdrive, just like Klons they:

  • Boosts – In a similar way to how a tube screamer can be used as a boost for many styles of music, so can a Klon. In fact, many people prefer Klons as boosts due to where the mid-range bump sits. For this reason, we have included a Boost playing style showing how it cleans up using the guitar’s volume.
  • Stacks – Klons stack with RATs very well but for some reason, if you have one try stacking it with your favourite overdrives and distortions.
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