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Pogo Pedals

Pogo Pedals Zen Ray Overdrive

Pogo Pedals Zen Ray Overdrive

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In great condition, works perfectly.

Comes with original box.

Pogo Pedals open you up to a world of tone you just didn't know was possible with an electric guitar. After bursting onto the scene with with their flagship Zen Ray in 2020 they have established themselves as one of the hottest brands in the industry. Combining two of the most famous boutique overdrive into one box the Zen Ray is sure to blow you away, it is incredibly versatile and includes a few unique modern changes whilst retaining the soul and feel of the famed originals.

With the super intuitive Volume, Gain, Treble and Bass control parameters you can dial in just about any overdrive tone you can imagine, it covers all tonal bases. A lower gain setting will achieve that edge of break up drive and by pushing the pedal harder you can unlock the hottest of overdriven tones. Perhaps the coolest and most unique feature on this overdrive is the super sweet "germ" switch which engages 2 extra germanium transistors to the signal, unlocking a little more crunch and a softer clipping. Pair this up with the "Mid Saturation" to alter the midrange harmonics, allowing for a heavy midrange crunch or a glassy sparkle.

If you're after an overdrive bursting with tonal options then look no further, the Pogo Pedals Zen Ray is for you!

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