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ProCo Rat Keeley Modded with 3 way switch

ProCo Rat Keeley Modded with 3 way switch

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In great condition, works perfectly


The stock Rat has a classic tone to start with, but this pedal is the culmination of many ideas and modifications. Every component added is of the highest quality. Film and tantalum capacitors are used in the tone section to provide the smoothest midrange and high frequency components to your sound while increasing the bass response of the pedal. You can dial in a range of useful tones without the harshness or brittle quality so common in mass produced pedals today. Many customers are excited about the tone of the Keeley Modified Rat! Why? Because of the versatility. The filter cuts or boosts many frequencies and is very sensitive to the slightest alteration, so as you are learning your pedal, be sure to experiment in order to find that perfect tone for any given situation. The nature of the distortion itself is pretty creamy, but don’t let that mislead you. It can get as raw, crunchy, vintage or bad-to-thebone as you want. Just dial it in! But what really shines about this mod is the 3-Way switch.... read on!


The 3-Way switch offers you the classic Rat as well as two other modes.


Switch to the Right -- This is the classic Rat sound where you benefit from the increase in bass response due to the capacitor changes we make. The volume will seem low compared to the other modes, but this is the stock Rat output level.

Switch to the Left -- This is the Phat Rat mode. Normally the Rat has two diodes in the circuit for clipping, but we add another in order to achieve a tube type tone. The volume is increased slightly and there is an added richness to the signal. Fatter and more complex characteristics are present in this mode.

Switch in the Center -- This is the Mighty Mouse mode. Prepare for super volume output. We take out a diode from the circuit, so this thing is raging with volume. Great natural sounding gain and then some.... There’s enough volume to boost any amp into true overdrive.

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