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Thorpy FX

ThorpyFX Camoflange Flanger

ThorpyFX Camoflange Flanger

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In used but decent condition, works perfectly.

Comes with original box.

Designed alongside former Lovetone pedal extraordinaire, Dan Coggins, the Camoflange is a fully analogue flanger. It aims to deliver a range of versatile sounds that are currently unrivalled within the world of analogue effects. 

Robust Construction

Every element of this pedal has been meticulously engineered. It's crafted from a selection of premium, hand-selected components - all housed within a custom built exterior. The durable stainless steel enclosure has been laser etched with a unique, chameleon design, complimented by an MTO green powder coating. 

Ease of Use

The streamlined construction makes the Camoflange incredibly easy to operate. A sloped front, top mounted jacks and recessed knobs provide straightforward access to every element of the pedal. The controls themselves are just as simple to use too. Dedicated knobs for harmonics, manual, treble, blend, rate and depth ensure you can tweak and tailor your sound to your exact liking. Both dry and wet outputs have also been incorporated, proving even more options for stereo pedal advocates. 

Whatever your style or current rig, the Camoflange features a deep sonic palette that allows it to thrive during pretty much any scenario; it's a true tonal chameleon, with a highly customisable sound that's ready for whatever you throw at it.     


  • Robust, solid construction. 
  • Top mounted jacks, sloped front and recessed knobs make the pedal easy to operate. 
  • Laser cut/etched stainless steel housing, wrapped with a MTO green powder coating. 
  • Dry and wet outputs. 
  • Streamlined set of controls, allowing you to tweak rate, treble, depth, blend, manual and harmonics. 
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