About Us

I bought my first couple of pedals in around 2002, a Boss ME5 and a Crybaby. Playing in a punk-rock band, I was primarily a straight-into-amp player previous to this, but learning about this whole new way to manipulate my sound was a gamechanger! Compared to buying a new amp or a new guitar, or even changing the valves or pickups of your current equipment, getting a new pedal is the single easiest way to dramatically change your sound. 

Over the years I've amassed a constantly changing collection of pedals. Working with tribute bands, as well as a variety of other session gigs, I've always been very focussed on having the right sound for the song, whether that's identical to the original in the context of covers, or simply appropriate in the context of originals. I've owned cheap pedals that have been brilliant, and ones that have been rubbish. I've owned expensive pedals that have been worth every penny, and ones that have felt like a rip off. I'm not overly fussy or biased, the right tool is the right tool, regardless of price or what name it has on it. 

I've always gained great pleasure from helping others with their sound, whether that's giving advice on how to use their current equipment, or advising replacements and upgrades. 

Through a series of life events, including the birth of my daughter, and the Covid 19 pandemic, the session work landscape has changed drastically for me. My shop is my way of staying connected to music, and a way for me to impart my knowledge to others, and help them get closer to the sounds in their head. 

I've amassed over 1,000 5 star reviews on Reverb.com, so you can be assured of quality service.