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Goliath FX

Goliath FX Bass Big Muff clone

Goliath FX Bass Big Muff clone

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In great condition, works perfectly. 


What they say about it:

"Here we have my version of the Big Muff Fuzz, I have tuned this to work for bass but it is also great on guitar as well. This particular one has some low gain ME4003 transistors in Q1, 2 and 4 and a higher gain BC108C in Q3. This makes for a really nice thick fuzz that can be dialled back for a more fuzzstortion tone.

We also have LEDs in the 3rd stage to allow for a warmer tone and a mids control on the BMP tone stack. I've built this using ceramic caps just like the old ones as well. Not sure if that makes a huge difference to the tone, but I certainly like it.

The finish is hand done, just like the rest of the pedal, and is not perfect. However I think it looks great."

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