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Line 6

Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System

Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System

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Digital wireless systems are now used on stages of all sizes around the world. They mean you no longer need 50ft long guitar cables to be able to move around freely on stage but it wasn't without its own issues. The Line 6 Relay G70 looks to fix the issues that have plagued other wireless systems with the most advanced wireless system we have seen yet.

Near Zero Latency
Now we say near zero because it isn't quite there yet. What you do have though is <1.5ms of latency between you hitting a not and it coming through your amplifier. That is about the same delay you would get from using an extremely long lead and sitting a few feet away from your amplifier. This means you will never have to put up with compensating for your wireless system again.

Multiple Transmitters, Multiple Outputs
Lets face it we all like to use more than one guitar live but switching cables and wireless systems has always been a bit of a pain if you need to do it mid set. Again the Relay G70 is here to save the day with the ability to connect multiple transmitters at once to a single receiver that you can switch between with the inbuilt footswitch. It doesn't end there though, you can also plug the G70 into 2 different outputs that can be used in any combination with any transmitter. So if you need guitar 1 to be an acoustic going straight to the PA and guitar 2 to go out to an amplifier no problem. The best thing is that the Relay will remember which guitar goes to which output.

Longer Battery Life
The transmitter has 8+ hours of battery life which is already great but it also has an automatic sleep mode. So when there is no signal going through the wireless for more than a few minutes it shuts down automatically. This means you will not turn up to a gig after accidentally leaving the transmitter on all night in the gig bag.

Tour Grade Build Quality
If you are going on the road your gear needs to be the highest quality possible so it will last the entire tour. Both the transmitters and receivers are made in high quality thick metal casings that will certainly be able to handle the road. Plus you don't need to worry about specialty cables with this system. Both the transmitters and receivers work with standard 1/4" jack connectors with the transistor having a special locking feature so your cable will not fall out.

Lossless Sound
All of these features are great but sound is what matters at the end of the day. That is why the G70 uses 24bit lossless uncompressed uncompromised transmission so your guitar sounds just like if you had plugged straight in with a normal cable. No loss of quality, no loss of tone.


  •  24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital transmission
  •  Best-in-class DAC and ADC converters provide super-low noise transmission (better than 120dB dynamic range)
  •  Rugged metal transmitter and receiver construction
  •  Locking 1/4" input on transmitter-no special cables required
  •  Receiver accommodates multiple transmitters, with footswitch (G70) or push button (G75) selection*
  •  Programmable scenes allow you to select signal input source, gain, Cable Tone and output routing for multiple instruments
  •  Select any combination of the two 1/4" outputs and one XLRDI output for each instrument
  •  8+ hours of battery life with 50+ hours of standby time
  •  Breakthrough low latency (<1.5ms from analog input to analog output)
  •  Built-in, calibrated, quad antenna array with advanced dual receiver topology
  •  Auxiliary 1/4" input jack on receiver for plugging in directly without re-patching
  •  Onboard tuner and dedicated tuner 1/4" output
  •  High-quality XLR direct output with ground lift ensures consistent audio performance when connecting directly to the board or a modeler
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